Why do I have discoloration or brown areas on my face?

I wanted to discuss how age spots, sun spots, etc…. occur and what we can do to get rid of them.

The sun, changes in your hormones and not maintaining good skin health are the culprits.

What can we do to minimize their appearance? Retinol, medical microneedling, managing our hormones and sunscreen.

As we age, it is important to incorporate retinol to your skin regimen 2-3 times a week. What? It burns? Its uncomfortable? Well that is because you are doing it incorrectly. This is how to do it. Start using it once a week (at bedtime) until your skin is used to it. The following week (or it may take 2-3 more weeks) add a second night. You may be able to stay at doing it twice a week, some people need to do it three times a week, only practice will let you know which person you are.

What does retinol do? It causes peeling of the top layer of skin. This sloughs off those brown spots and decreases the production of melanin (this is what creates that darker brown spot). At Higher Self Aesthetics, we offer a medical grade retinol. Do not skip this step. It is vital to maintaining good skin care. And the best part….it’s so easy to do.

The second thing that should be incorporated is medical microneedling. What is medical microneedling? This is a pen that gives 900 needle punctures per second using a 6 needle cartridge. It is a high-precision and adjustable needle speed for consistent penetration. Ouch! No…. its not painful. We use a numbing cream prior to this procedure. It really isn’t painful at all. And the results, they are incredible. And there is no downtime! The BEST part….we can use it anywhere on the face, neck, chest etc. It also works great for acne scars, wrinkles, and improves skin health. So you are getting 4 benefits in 1. How often should you get it? It is a series of 3 treatments one month apart. And it should be done yearly. I do it to myself. So if I do it to myself, it has to be something that really works. It is a wonderful treatment, a quick procedure, and your skin feels so good afterwards.

Sunscreen is very important for everyone. Especially if you live in a sunny state as Florida. It is such a simple thing to do yet we seem to forget it. One recommendation, if you cannot get yourself into a daily routine, at least make sure you add it when you go outside for ANY activity (gardening, pool, taking a walk, boating etc). At Higher Self Aesthetics, we have an excellent SPF and tinted moisturizer by Alastin Skincare that you can quickly apply right before you walk out the door.

And finally, the BIG H…….Hormones…….we tend to forget about these, but they definitely play a role with the health of our skin. At Higher Self Aesthetics, we can evaluate your hormone levels to determine if that is a cause to some of your concerns.

Hope you enjoyed your insight in aesthetic medicine with Higher Self Aesthetics.