Why are there tiny blue veins popping up on my legs?

I wanted to discuss the importance of staying “on top” of those spider veins AKA varicose veins AKA telangiectasis. Now, some people think that this is just a female issue. That is untrue! Spider veins do not discriminate! Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle of our daily lifestyle, these spider veins can creep up on us. Why do they happen? We stand too long, we aren’t as active as we should be, we don’t consume enough water, and fluctuations in weight are all contributors.

Why is it important to treat these spider veins early? Anything we “stay on top of” is always much easier to care for than waiting for things to “hit the fan”. The same goes for these spider veins. It is easier and inexpensive to treat them early on. And, you get the benefits of enjoying your “spider vein free” legs. Now, that does not mean advanced spider veins cannot be treated, they can! It will just take a little longer.

What are our treatment options? The first one is easy, yet so many people think it’s difficult. And that is to wear compression stockings every day. Especially if you stand most of the day. I know what you are thinking. They look ugly, they are hard to put on, its too hot to wear them in Florida…..I get it. But it is a very effective way to stop or minimize the development of spider veins. Now, what do you do if you refuse to wear those compression stockings…..the most effective treatment for these spider veins is Sclerotherapy. We use an “irritant” AKA a medication in a syringe that I inject into these spider veins that actually collapse the veins. Once the veins collapse, it will take 2-3 weeks for them to completely disappear. And no, it does not damage your circulation. These are SUPERFICIAL veins and not the DEEP veins that you need to continue the circulation process in your body.

We provide this procedure in our office at Higher Self Aesthetics, takes approximately 20-40 minutes to complete(the more spider veins, the longer it will take for the office visit). Depending on how severe your spider veins are, you may need 2-4 treatments. Touch ups can be every 1-3 years. It’s not a big commitment and you will love the results.

Hope you enjoyed your insight in aesthetic medicine with Higher Self Aesthetics.