To skincare or not to skincare…..that is the question

Remember growing up and being told how important it was to wash your face and brush your teeth? Well it is true. Healthy skin care is the foundation to PROPER aesthetic medicine. There are many techniques and procedures that I can do to improve the skin, BUT if you do not wash your face, it will seriously limit the potential outcomes of your aesthetic procedures. So why put yourself in this conundrum when you can get yourself in a daily skin regimen with over the counter products? There are many over the counter products that work well…..Dove soap is a classic. My favorite over the counter brand is Mad Hippie. They are low chemical/more organic type of skin line. I have used them for a couple of years and they work very well.

As we age, the over the counter products become less effective and we have to use enhanced skin lines. Why is this? Well over the counter skin products have the basics to maintain healthy skin. And some of them have too many chemicals that aren’t good for your skin. At Higher Self Aesthetics, we have an incredible organic skin line (Dr Alkaitis) and a medical grade skin line (Alastin). Dr Alkaitis Organic skin line originated in California. Personally, I have used this line for 8 years. I absolutely love this company. That is why I incorporated this line at Higher Self Aesthetics. Recently, I decided to add a medical grade skin line (Alastin) to my skin regimen. But before I did this, I did a trial of the line on myself. I was very pleased with the results. So pleased that I added this skin line at Higher Self Aesthetics. This leads to my new skin regimen. Being someone who is 47, I have found that adding a medical grade skin line to my organic skin line gives me the extra boost of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and vitamin A that aging skin needs. Hyaluronic acid serum gives us the extra hydration that aging skin loses as we age. Vitamin C serum gives our skin that extra boost of overall appearance, decrease the appearance of wrinkles, fades the appearance of dark spots and improve the texture of our skin. And let’s not forget that it improves the look of acne. Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties that decrease the redness and swelling from acne. And we all know that inflammation is deadly to our bodies! So this leads to my new skin regimen. I have been using the Dr Alkaitis Organic skin line for 3 weeks and then the 4th week I switch to the Alastin skin line (the medical skin line). I keep rotating between the two. I am finding that the combination of the organic skin line with the medical skin line working well for someone (me) in her later 40s (47)!

With this new thought process, I have created a skin regimen that is dependent upon each of my patients age and their current condition of their skin. Give us a call for further details.

Hope you enjoyed your insight in aesthetic medicine with Higher Self Aesthetics.