Medical Microneedling using Candela Exceed

The basics of proper skin care is Candela Medical Microneedling and a consistent skincare line such as Alastin Skincare or Dr. Alkaitis Organics, LLC.
Today, we are going to highlight Medical Microneedling.
This is a 30 minute procedure. There is no downtime. There is no pain. It is a series of 3 procedures one month apart done yearly. We can perform this on the face, neck, chest, hands…….the list is endless.
The BEST part of Medical Microneedling…….it has SEVERAL benefits to the skin……
1. As we age, we lose elastin and collagen. This procedure stimulates elastin and collagen back into the skin.
2. Wrinkles can be treated using Botox, Dysport or Jeuveau. But wrinkles can also be softened by using Medical Microneedling.
3. Struggling with age spots/brown spots? Once you complete 3 procedures of Medical Microneedling, these spots are less visible (sometimes completely gone).
4. Scars are an unfortunate occurrence but the appearance of them can be lessened by having Medical Microneedling done.

Hope you enjoyed your insight in aesthetic medicine with Higher Self Aesthetics.

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