Are these things painful?

Heck no! For some reason, PDO threads have been getting a slightly controversial name for themselves. And from someone who has been working in the world of surgery for over 20 years, it doesn’t make sense to me. PDO threads are surgical sutures that we place under the skin in ANY area of the body. These PDO threads are DISSOLVABLE. This means the body naturally breaks them down. This is the same material that we have been using in the operating room to close the skin for many years. By positioning these threads in key areas, you will receive a natural but effective lifting and tucking of the skin. This softens lines in the face, it repositions the cheeks in the younger state, it thins out the jawline or the neck…….there are so many effective ways to work with PDO threads. In addition to this, PDO threads stimulate the production of collagen and elastin! And everyone knows we need that!

This procedure has expanded our options in aesthetic medicine tenfold. For many years, we have used fillers to lift the cheeks and enhance the jawline. This works well but we have found that sometimes the filler moves (migrates) to areas that we do not want the filler to settle at. With the use of PDO threads, we can prevent this movement (migration) and enhance your face perfectly. We can give our patients that precision of exactly “lifting and tucking” the areas we want (the cheeks, the jawline, etc). How is this? Well, the surgical sutures that we use ACTUALLY move the tissue to the exact location we want it to go. And there is no movement (migration) like there is with fillers. The BEST part, PDO threads last 9-18 months while fillers last 4-6 months. I still love fillers (especially in the lips). There are times that we use PDO threads WITH fillers to give some of our patients a more dramatic effect.

Hope you enjoyed your insight in aesthetic medicine with Higher Self Aesthetics.

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