A Face Lift Without A Face Lift……..what?

How is this possible? In aesthetic medicine, we can perform a liquid facelift (Sculptra) or PRP injections to the face.

Here is a quick scoop on this….

Sculptra is a series of dermal filler injections to the face that stimulates collagen production. Once this happens, our patients will see a more youthful appearance of their face will fullness in the cheeks and jawline. This is great for people who want a more defined look in the cheeks or jawline.

PRP injections to the face is a series of growth factor injections created from your own blood plasma. This leads to the production of elastin and collagen. Once this starts, the skin starts to feel tighter, fuller, and smoother. This softens wrinkles, sun damage, acne and scarring. It plumps the tear troughs, cheeks and temples.

At Higher Self Aesthetics, we explain these differences intimately to each of our patients in order to provide the best results. Every face is created different and that is why we CUSTOMIZE our treatment plans.

Hope you enjoyed your insight in aesthetic medicine with Higher Self Aesthetics

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